Men Engaged In Nonviolence (M.E.N.)

Men Engaged In Non-Violence is our group dedicated to helping batterers and abusers find A Better Way to handle their emotions, power and control issues through online mentoring and modeling GOD’s Love design of manhood as a protector and provider. 


We are part of a A Better Way Ministry Inc.’s National Initiatives and we operate as a referral service for Batterers Interventions. We do recognize that Batterers and Abusers are not necessarily gender specific; Men, Women and Same Sex Relationships. With that in mind we do our very best to find the right resources to help you find peace and reconciliation with GOD and with yourself.


Our Goals: For Batterers to recognize that their partner is not property. Every Human Being has a  right to be free to reach his or her own potential.

Coping skills. Many of  the services that are needed for Batterers and Abusive partners are already in place through very effective models like the various certified programs with in your State. Click on the link below to find out more about a model program with success in helping end the violence.