About A Better Way Ministry


Evangelist Janice Ward, Ministry Founder

 Janice Ward a Licensed Minister has dedicated her life to the Mission of Christ. She  trained as a member of INCADV a former member of the Women of Color Network ACADVSA  U S Navy Veteran. Janice began her fight against domestic violence while being a Gospel Radio Announcer. Her influence has helped to sponsor Gospel Concerts that aided in the awareness and practical needs of occupants within the local Northwest Indiana women’s shelters. Now through A Better Way Ministry, Janice continues her fight to end the assault of domestic violence. 


Chianna Williams, Director

 Chianna major is in the field of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. She has done Freelance work in the area of the Arts. Chianna is a passionate supporter of the awareness and prevention of Family Domestic Violence. Additionally, her focus in the area of Autism/ Downs Syndrome where her unique role as mother has position her as voice and activist for her children as well as others. 

How We Work



Olive Leaf Project



Empowerment method supports services provided by many clinics, shelters, faith based organizations and nonprofit organizations. EIA is based on the belief that survivors and the victimized of family/domestic violence should have access to information, education, and other necessary social, economic and spiritual support to make the necessary decisions that are well informed to best reflect their own personal interests and needs. Instead of exhausting all of the various resources to eliminate the violence, which is not controlled by those that are victimized. 

The EIA method uses Prayer, knowledge dissemination, training, and counseling to create a set of services that the victimized control, such as post-victimization assistance and risk minimization. This method can also be extended to churches, mosques and other places of worship along with other communities organizations allowing them to take action collaboratively to prevent family/domestic violence and report and treat cases that do happen through the empowerment In action networks.

Olive Leaf Project


Olive Leaf Project


 Each Pre Printed leaf will have:

Our Dedicated NDDV24/7Prayer/Text/Help-Line Number

National Shelter Number referral Number 

Tag Line “I have a Leaf” to use as a conversation starter to share their prayer/help request.

This project is a tool to tally how many people are calling 

NDDV24/7Prayer/Text/Help-Line so we can advise the Churches on the amount of calls that come through the Olive Leaf Project.






NDDV24/7Prayer/Text/Help-Line is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and all calls are confidential and anonymous. Our Prayer Warriors are ready and  available to help survivors assess the danger they are in, and to provide prayer, help and support in conjunction with local authorities in Emergency situations.